Slides in stainless steel, polyester or plastic HDPE. A wide range of slides for the public or private domain can be found here. The slides for public playgrounds are available in polyester, hot-dip galvanisation and stainless steel and are all approved according to CE / TÜV guidelines. The slides for the private domain such as garden and private grounds suitable for wooden playground equipment are also CE certified for these purposes.

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59 Results


59 Results

Why choose a slide

When you choose a slide, you opt for a lot of fun for your child. At first they will carefully go down. If he / she has done this a few times, it will investigate what other possibilities there are: lying on the back or stomach, with several children at the same time. The slides can be attached to your own made play equipment or to our wooden play equipment. How beautiful is it, to increase the imagination of a child. This is of course very good for the development and self-confidence of your child (ren).

Whay are our slides

Our slides consist of HDPE, polyester or stainless steel. HDPE is High Density Polyethylene, or High Density Polyethylene. This is the most commonly used plastic (plastic). Also called polyethylene for short. This is a fully recyclable product that is used a lot in our households. The HDPE slides are available in different colors and different platform heights. Polyester is made of glass fibers that are hardened by heating. Polyester will not be easily affected by outside influences. This product is easy to clean and maintenance free. Some of our slides have a high entry, which is extra safe for children and available in the color red. Stainless steel 304 slides consist of chrome, nickel and iron. As a result, the risk of rust formation has been considerably reduced. All our slides are all approved according to the CE / TÜV guidelines.

Buy water slides

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