Rusty slate

Beautiful natural stone tiles or garden tiles Rusty Slate slate, highest quality. Our Rusty Slate tiles owes its name to the somewhat old rusty color and is available in various sizes. If you are not completely out, let us know the length and width of what you want to be paved and you will receive a completely free quotation the same day. If you purchase more than 40 m2 of ornamental paving from us, you can have the paving placed with us for € 10 per m2. All mentioned prices are per m2.

If you order your new Rusty slate tiles at Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest range.


3 Results

  1. Rusty Slate, m2
    €48.39 €39.99
  2. Rusty Slate, m2
    €48.39 €39.99
  3. Rusty Slate tiles
    €48.39 €39.99