Swing seats

Swings, horizontal bars, ring sets, climbing ropes, knot ropes, rope ladders for playsets can be found in this category available in all kinds and sizes. Beautiful plaything for your wooden play equipment.

If you order your new swing at Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest range.

Are you a reseller and buy swing seats per pallet or truck, please send your inquiry to [email protected] and you will receive an offer with our best import prices. Intergard has been an importer and wholesale of post support brackets, L-brackets and post-caps for DIY stores and garden centers in Europe since 1997.


22 Results

22 Results

Why choose a swing

If there is something indispensable in your garden, it is a swing. Who does not love to swing? Rock very hard and high, or just very gently and a little dreaming away. Alone or with superiors. Intergard offers you many possibilities. It is very good for the development and motor skills of a child. It learns to keep the balance and also that by moving your legs forwards and backwards, you go faster and harder. And what about our bird's nest swings? Lovely to sit, lie down or stand with several children in a swing. Also suitable for children with lesser motor skills, or for adults: relaxing in the swing. Furthermore, we have dish swings, rings, band swings, etc.

What are our swings

Swing seats

Intergard sells swings of hardwood, plastic or rubber including sisal rope.

Disk Swings

A plastic disc swivel has a diameter of ø30cm and is suspended from 12mm sisal rope, ridge height 2.25m, with hook for swing hook.

Bird nest swings

The bird nest swing has a ø95cm in metal frame. The height is 180cm, the suspension ropes are ø16mm, the ropes of the swing are ø7mm, carrying capacity 200kg.


The duoschommel is made of metal with 10 mm sisal rope and a ridge height of 2.25 m. Face to face. This is available in the color red or green.

The rubber band swings are supplied with a chain set.


We supply plastic rings or metal rings with rubber handles for firm grip and the prevention of sore hands.

Gymnastic bar

The horizontal bar swing is made of wood including sisal rope and hanging hooks.

Buy swing

If you want to buy a decent and beautiful swing, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. Of course you can place the swing yourself, but if you want us to arrange this for you, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone 0031 546 579030 and we are happy to help you.

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