Decking tiles

Decking tiles are available in various sizes and materials such as hardwood bangkirai, pressure impregnated pine or composite WPC and are often used as an alternative to decking boards due to easy laying. All these deck tiles have a guarantee on the material used.

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7 Results

7 Results

Why choose decking tiles

When you choose our decking tiles, you choose for a high-quality product. Decking tiles are easy to lay yourself, both on paving stones and on a foundation of cross beams. In our assortment we have impregnated decking tiles, hardwood or composite. Decking tiles are often used as an alternative to paving and give your garden a warm atmosphere. To enjoy your decking tiles for longer, it is best to clean the hardwood twice a year. Clean the hardwood with soda or table salt. Make sure the hardwood is soaked. This opens the pores. You can do this by using rainwater or a garden hose. Then scrub the hardwood with a brush and bucket of lukewarm water with salt or soda. In the direction of the wood grain. After scrubbing, you can rinse the hardwood. If you want to keep the original color of the hardwood, you can use hardwood oil. Allow the hardwood to dry thoroughly before applying the hardwood oil. If you don't do this, the moisture under the oil layer can lead to black spots. Apply the oil to the hardwood with a dry lint-free cloth. Leave it in until it is completely dry. The treatment is only suitable for color retention of the hardwood. It is not recommended to use vinegar when cleaning the decking. The wood can then discolor and warp.

What are our decking tiles

Our deck tiles consist of high-quality wood, FSC certified, which stands for responsible forest management. You can choose impregnated wood, hardwood or WPC composite. The floor tiles are available in different sizes.

Placing our plank tiles


• A flat surface without weeds is necessary before you use the anti-root cloth (avoid spreading weeds). (step 1) Keep a distance of at least 30 mm between the tiles. • In case of a soft surface, we advise (sidewalk) tiles to be placed under the hardwood or composite rules in order to create a solid base. • The underlines provide support for the garden and patio tiles on at least 9 points. • The bottom lines must be placed in the middle of the tiles. • For all garden and terrace tiles, we recommend hardwood or composite underpinnings of Intergard as a substructure. • Provide a gap of 5 mm between the garden and terrace tiles.

Step 1 First remove all the weeds. Level the surface and use an anti-root cloth.

Step 2 Place the (sidewalk) tiles on the anti root cloth

Step 3 Place the bottom lines on the (sidewalk) tiles. The rules are now separate from the ground so that they are not subject to the elements.

Step 4 Now assemble the garden and terrace tiles on the rules. Provide a gap of 5 mm between the garden and terrace tiles. Tiles of 50x50cm are supported on 3 lines and tiles of 100x100cm are supported on 4 lines.

Buy paving tiles

If you want to buy solid and beautiful decking tiles, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] .nl or by phone 0031 546 579030 and we are happy to help you.

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