Fence panels hardwood

These wooden fences are all made of high-quality hardwood, durabilty classes of wood I. It’s made from FSC certified wood from sustainable forestry. That is why we give a 25 years of WARRANTY on the hardwood.

hen you order your new fence panels hardwood at Intergard, then you will benefit the best prices and the widest selection.


11 Results

11 Results

Why choose fence panels hardwood

When you choose our fence panel hardwood, choose for the best quality, a high quality fence for years of joy. Often you want more privacy in the garden and wish you a free feeling in the garden. Our fence panels hardwood are ideal for this purpose. Recommended by environmental organizations and the Ministry of the Environment. Our fence panels hardwood offer considerable privacy. We have a wide range of fence panels hardwood and accessories.

Where are our fence panels hardwood consisting of

Our wooden fences consist of hardwood boards.The number determines the visual density of the garden fence. Fence panels hardwood have a very long life.

To buy fence panels hardwood

If you want to buy beautiful fence panels hardwood, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@intergard.eu or by phone: +31 546 579030.