Strap hinge rustica

Strap hinges rustica for gates or garden gates are available in hot-dip galvanized, yellow galvanized, stainless steel or black rustica cataphoresis. Strap hinges are used in combination with hinge hooks as a hanging system for fitting doors and garden gates of garden fences. The hinge hooks rustica are attached to the wooden pole or woodwork on one side, the Strap hinges rustica to the gate, after which the gate can easily be hung in the hinge hooks. A quick and simple system for placing garden gates.

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  1. T-hinge rustica ø16
    €21.77 €17.99
  2. Strap hinge rustica
    €12.09 €9.99
  3. Strap hinge rustica
    €9.67 €7.99