Corten steel planters

A wide range of planters made of corten steel planters of the highest quality at competitive prices are ready made. Indestructible material consisting of chrome, nickel, phosphorus, copper and silicon. "COR" stands for corrosion resistant and "TEN" stands for tensile strength. A timeless, unique planter with an industrial look.

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10 Results

10 Results

Why choose corten steel planters

When you choose our corten steel planters, you choose for a product of high and decent quality. The material corten steel is indestructible and, moreover, frost-resistant. In the first instance when you receive the planter it is not rusty but just made of steel. During the process in the open air, weather influences and humidity, the material shields itself from oxygen and the planter turns corten steel into a rust planter. A unique process. At the start of the rusting process, it is wise to take into account that the corten steel can give off rust on your terrace. When the oxidation process has been completed, after about 1.5 years, you can place the flower box where you want. Corten steel planters require no further maintenance. So you don't have to paint or oil. Placing a corten steel planter is not recommended if you live 1.5 km from the coast, because of continuous exposure to salt. Whether you choose corten steel, hardwood planters or wooden planters, we offer you a wide range in different sizes. The planters are already mounted, give your garden a warm atmosphere and fit in both a classic and a modern garden. A real eye-catcher for your balcony or in your garden. The corten steel planter or flower box is ideal for outdoors, because it can remain outside in all kinds of weather. But of course you can also place these rusty flower boxes indoors. As an option, loose wheels are also available, so that you can easily move or move the planters. A corten steel planter is a real eye-catcher for your garden, durable, robust, industrial and extremely sturdy. The wall thickness of these planters is 2mm and the corners are reinforced. Corten steel fits perfectly in any garden or balcony. Ecological, because these planters are fully recyclable.

Corten steel planters

The corten steel planters are made of metal, corten. This material was discovered in 1932. Is indestructible and frost resistant. During the process of standing outside, the color changes from steel to rust. The planters corten steel have a metal alloy, which consists of iron with copper, chromium, nickel, silicon and phosphorus. "COR" stands for corrosion resistant and "TEN" stands for tensile strength, which means tensile strength. Corten steel containers are therefore just as strong as stainless steel or stainless steel planters. The formation of rust starts approximately after 2 to 3 weeks and takes 1.5 years. It is strongly not recommended to use hydro granules or clay granules in a corten steel planter or corten steel flower box. Due to the formation of flakes, you should avoid that the planter is continuously wet because the rusting process cannot stop. Our Corten steel planter is available in the square in different sizes from 40x40cm to 100x100cm. Also in the range is the corten steel box in rectangular model.

Technical Specifications

Corten steel (supplied non-oxidized) 2 mm thick walls, reinforced by welded reinforcements for larger containers Reinforced corners Drainage holes for water evacuation Feet 15 mm High frost resistance Double folded edges 50 mm wide Natural material.

Why Corten steel?

Infinite possibilities No special maintenance of the flower boxes Combination of strength and durability Corten steel fits perfectly in both modern and classic gardens Ecological, because fully recyclable Corten steel class A UV and Frost Resistant

To buy corten steel planters

If you want to buy beautiful corten steel planters, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: 0031 546 579030.

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TIP: Multi-storey planting

Highly recommended for months of flowering and color in your garden or on your balcony! Take a large flower box or planter and put some potsherds or clay granules in the bottom so that the bulbs do not rot.

Put a layer of potting soil over this and now plant the last flowering bulbs first. Cover with a layer of soil and follow this up with a layer of next flowering bulbs. Repeat this until the flower box is full.

When you fill the flower box to the brim with soil, you can fill it with pansies or heather plants so that you can enjoy it now.

Sequence for storey planting:

– Layer 1: (bottom layer, late bloomers) Tulips, daffodils or hyacinths

– Layer 2: (middle layer) Daffodils or Hyacinths

– Layer 3: (top layer, early bloomers) Grape hyacinths or crocuses