Sleeping Bags

Intergard has very nice comfortable sleeping-bags in the assortment. Our sleeping-bags are made of polyester, with or without ventilation duct, 1 or 2-way zips, some models including pillow. Whether you go alone or with your family or friends, there is something for everyone.

When you order your sleeping-bag at Intergard, then you will benefit the best prices and the widest selection.

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Why choose sleeping-bags

When you choose our sleeping bags, you choose for a high quality product, very comfortable and warm. There is always a suitable sleeping-bag to find whether you like camping in in harsh, cold regions or in warm countries.

Where are our sleeping-bags consisting of

Our sleeping bags are of high quality and offer special comfort. These are made of polyester, with or without ventilation duct, 1 or 2 way zips, some models include a pillow. You can find the right sleeping bag for different temperatures.

To buy sleeping-bags

If you want to buy beautiful sleeping-bags, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone: +31 546 579030.