Garden Sheds

In this category you will find, as well as garden sheds and log cabins, also wooden houses or lodges to live in or to use as holiday home, plastic garden sheds, as well as greenhouses or garden bed tables, garden boxes, space savers and bin cover wheelies. Garden sheds and log cabins are manufactured from high quality Scandinavian pinewood, FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry. Pinewood from northern Europe is as a result of slower growth, more sustainable and stronger due to the denser structure of the wood and contains far less knots. The plastic garden sheds are robust, durable and easy to maintain. The greenhouses and garden bed tables are also from solid European origin.

Are you a reseller and buy garden sheds per pallet or truck, please send your inquiry to [email protected] and you will receive an offer with our best import prices. Intergard has been an importer and wholesale of post support brackets, L-brackets and post-caps for DIY stores and garden centers in Europe since 1997.


192 Results


192 Results

Why choose garden sheds

Garden houses are an ideal solution for storing your bicycles, garden furniture or tools and can be placed in almost any garden. In our assortment you will find different sizes and models, something for everyone.

What do our garden sheds consist of

Our garden sheds consist of high-quality Scandinavian spruce, FSC-certified wood from responsible forest management. Firing from Northern Europe is, due to slower growth, more durable and stronger due to the denser structure of the wood and much less knots and resin than the usual cheaper firing from Eastern Europe. This also means that the wood is rotten, polluted or wet much less quickly. That is why our garden sheds and log cabins are given a 10-year guarantee.

What types of garden sheds

There are many different types of garden sheds, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is most suitable for you, therefore, depends on your wishes. We have a very wide range of, among other things, log cabins, garden sheds, tractor cabins, horse stables, garden sheds, etc. The lifespan of a garden shed depends on many factors and cannot be specified exactly in advance. The expectation is that a garden shed will last between 10-20 years. Depending on the type of garden shed and the treatment of the wood. Does the garden shed come into contact with the ground? Which maintenance? And of course the weather influences. More below;

Garden shed: Wooden garden shed: wooden garden houses or log cabins are available in all kinds of models. Models with a flat roof, gable roof, pointed roof, pent roof, etc. Available in many different sizes. The thickness of the wood is usually 28mm, but models with thicker planks are also possible. It is important that you consider in advance what size you want and what you want to use it for. Placing a wooden garden shed works fastest on a subfloor of concrete or tiles. Please note that it must be level.

Lodge: Cabin lodge, chalets and hikers' cabins. Ideal for placing on a campsite or plot at home or abroad. In these lodge cabins you have the space for a bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen. The thickness of the wood is usually 50mm in a hiker's cabin and 94mm in a lodge.

Metal garden shed: A metal garden house or garden shed is an ideal solution for storing your bicycles, garden furniture or tools and can be placed in almost any garden. It is also lockable. In our range you will find different sizes and models.

Horse shed: Wooden horse stables manufactured from high-quality and solid Scandinavian spruce. FSC-certified wood from responsible forest management. An ideal solution for stabling your horses. Good care and rest is necessary for your horse, a horse stable offers you this protection. Available in different sizes. Wood thickness of the horse stables is 50mm.

Bin cover: A bin cover or container sheds for waste containers, rubbish containers, otto, or organic waste bin single, double or triple for 1 container, 2 containers or 3 containers, suitable for clicks of 120 and 240 liters. These pine bin covers are made of durable impregnated wood which greatly extends the lifespan. Nicely the containerbox out of sight and you no longer have to look at those ugly containerbox, but at a neat wooden or plastic bin cover

Buy garden sheds

If you want to buy a decent and beautiful garden shed or log cabin, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. Of course you can place the garden shed yourself, but if you want us to arrange this for you, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone: +31 546 579030.

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