Ornamental gravel and ornamental splits of the highest quality at the lowest price for driveways, gardens, garden paths. We have a wide range including black basalt, Ardenner yellow, Ardenner grey, red mine stone, ice blue, taunus quartz, but also tree bark, shells, sand and mountain gravel. If you are not completely out, let us know the thickness, length and width of what you would like to be paved and you will receive a completely free quotation the same day. If you purchase more than 40 m2 of ornamental paving from us, you can have the paving placed with us for € 10 per m2.

If you order your new decorative gravel and ornamental split at Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest range.


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Why Gravel

Gravel is a widely used product for the construction of paths and driveways. Available in different colors and thicknesses. We offer you a very wide range of A-quality Gravel. Gravel is delivered in a big bag varying in weight, you need about 75 kg / m2. In our range we also offer gravel grids, with which you can easily build large surfaces. Gravel grids are extremely strong and can withstand up to 3 tons per m2.

Where are our Gravel consisting of

Our Gravel consists of all kinds, sizes and colors of natural stone such as black basalt, gravel white or natural red. We also have shells,

To buy Gravel

If you want to buy beautiful Gravel, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +31 546 579030.