Sheet piling

Hardwood sheet piling boards gives a nice separation if, for example, you want to bridge a higher height in your garden. Do you live by the water? (ditch, pond, lake). With a sheet pile you not only reinforce the edges (banks), but it also gives a nice face. If you order your new sheet piling from Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest selection.

Are you a reseller and buy sheet piling per pallet or truck, please send your inquiry to [email protected] and you will receive an offer with our best import prices. Intergard has been an importer and wholesale of post support brackets, L-brackets and post-caps for DIY stores and garden centers in Europe since 1997.


7 Results

7 Results

Why choose sheet piling boards

Our sheet piling boards are made from Angelim Vermelho or Azobe. This is a tropical hardwood and has durability class I. It is extremely suitable for use against water.

What are our sheet piling boards

Install a sheet pile yourself? The installation of a vertical sheet pile wall is done by means of sheet pile profile planks done. The loose planks are vibrated vertically into the ground and pushed together by means of a vibratory hammer. This is almost never used in private gardens. This requires a lot of experience, sufficient space and large equipment. We recommend that you call in the help of a specialized company when installing sheet piling.

Buy sheet piling boards

If you want to buy solid high quality sheet piling boards, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone 0031 546 579030 and we are happy to help you.

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