Concrete fencing

Suppose, you are sitting in the garden to enjoy the nice weather. Then along walk strangers, they can see you sitting and relaxing in your garden. In addition, the neighbor children are playing outside and screaming. Does this sound familiar? And would you prefer to sit in your garden quiet and relaxed? Then a concrete fence is the ideal solution. Not only concrete fences block the view to outsiders, but they are also soundproof. You will experience less noise such as passing cars or screaming of the neighbor children. If you choose a concrete fence of Intergard, you know you're getting fences that will last a lifetime. We offer the best prices on our products, so you know you are not paying too much. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

When you order your new concrete fencing at Intergard, then you will benefit the best prices and the widest selection.

Are you a reseller and buy concrete fencing per pallet or truck, please send your inquiry to [email protected] and you will receive an offer with our best import prices. Intergard has been an importer and wholesale of post support brackets, L-brackets and post-caps for DIY stores and garden centers in Europe since 1997.

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59 Results

What constitutes our concrete fencing?

The concrete fencing consist of one concrete post and concrete plates or slabs. These are all made of reinforced concrete with incorporated steel. The concrete posts are provided with a groove so that you can place the plates quickly and easily into the concrete post. The concrete plates have a height of 38,5cm and are available in different designs such as boardstone, rockstone, woodstone etc. The height of the fence, you can easily define itself by placing the concrete plates on top of each other. The concrete fences are available in the standard colors anthracite, grey, yellow and brown. Would you prefer a different color, choose the grey version. With our Diy for concrete fences you can paint the fence in the color of your choice. You can choose single-sided or double-sided concrete fences. When you choose double-sided, this means that you work with 2 plates. This way, your neighbors as well as you both have a beautiful view. How high is a standard concrete fence? You have the choice in standard height 193cm or 231cm. At 193cm you work with 5 slabs and at 231cm you have 6 concrete slabs in the set. The posts are 248cm at the height 193cm and 290cm at the height 231cm.

Where are our concrete fencing consisting of

Concrete fences consist of concrete posts and concrete plates. All concrete post and concrete plates are made of reinforced concrete in which steel is processed. Our concrete fencing are made of concrete and is given per set. A set consists of 1x concrete post and concrete slab. Depending on height you get 5 or 6 concrete plates per set. Also double-sided is possible. The slabs are available in different versions.

Complementary products for concrete fencing

Finials for concrete fences are optional and give the fence a beautiful finish. In addition, the concrete finials ensures that the concrete fence will be protected against moisture and weather influences, which even further extends the lifetime of the fence. Also, these finials can of course be dyed using our Diy for concrete fences Also for concrete fencing we have matching garden gates on gate frame in hardwood and impregnated pine available. These garden gates are installed on a galvanized steel frame; so that the gate does not warp. The garden gate is further provided with adjustable hinge hooks, afterwards it can be easily adjusted so it fits exactly. The garden gates are further supplied with handle set and day and night lock with profile cylinder, allowing you to safely exit your garden.

How to install a concrete fence?

Would you like to install the concrete fence, read the steps below how to do this.

1. First you need to clean the land by removing rocks and vegetation and start alignment by a rope. Also, you should measure and calculate well in advance. If you are going to use finials measuring is critical. If you notice when digging that your surface is too soft or too unstable, you can place a tile or brick under the concrete post to minimize sagging.

2. Place the concrete post into the ground. Would you prefer extra stability use ballast and cement or postfix. This ensures that your concrete fence is good stable. Not using cement or postfix will give the advantage that, should you not place the concrete post correctly you can still customize it.

3. After placing the first concrete post, you can proceed with the placing of the concrete plates or slabs. First plaze 3 to 4 slabs and close it with the following concrete post. After two sessions, you can go on placing the rest of the concrete slabs.

Once the concrete fence is installed you can start grouting of the concrete plates and posts. Optionally, you can close it with a cover finial.

Differences with other fences

Are concrete fencing not what you're looking for? Take a look at our other fences. Wooden fences and hardwood fences can be placed relatively easily. In addition, wood fences can be removed easily, for example, when moving to another house. A concrete fence is then difficult to carry. Want the charm of a wooden fence but the strength and durability of concrete fences, you can choose a wood concrete fence. These fences have a base of concrete. This makes the fence better protected against warping and rotting of the wood

To buy concrete fencing

If you want to buy beautiful concrete fencing, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +31 546 579030.

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