Concrete fence 200x193cm

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Concrete fences are available in different structures and always have a width of 200cm, heights in consultation . Each concrete slab has a height of 38.5 cm and is available as one-sided and double-sided.

+ Price per set consisting of 5 concrete slabs and 1 concrete pile
+ Very robust reinforced concrete fences
+ Dimensions concrete slab 200x38.5cm
+ Width concrete fence 200cm
+ Height concrete fence 193cm or 231cm
+ Lifetime
+ Concrete slabs are pushed into the concrete piles, easy to assemble
+ Different heights available on request
+ Also available in stone motif, rock motif, wood motif, plaiting motif, stepstone or mountain
+ Available in the standard colors gray, anthracite, brown and yellow
+ Fence finial concrete for protection and decoration of your concrete fence available as an option.
+ We can fill in concrete glaze in any RAL color. Do you already know which RAL color you need? Then enter it below. Not sure which RAL color you need? Please look here to choose the right color, or contact us, we will be happy to help you further.
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Concrete fence 200x193cm
SKU 23313636
Concrete fence 200x193cm