Strap hinge hot dip galvanized

Strap hinges hot dip galvanized, for gates or garden gates are available in hot-dip galvanized, yellow galvanized, stainless steel or black rustica cataphoresis. Strap hinges hot dip galvanized, are used in combination with hinge hooks as a hanging system for fitting doors and garden gates of garden fences. The hinge hooks hot dip galvanized, are attached to the wooden pole or woodwork on one side, the Strap hinges hot dip galvanized to the gate, after which the gate can easily be hung in the hinge hooks. A quick and simple system for placing garden gates.

When you order your Strap hinges hot dip galvanized,at Intergard, then you will benefit the best prices and the widest selection.


21 Results

  1. Strap hinge ø20
    €60.49 €49.99
  2. Strap hinge ø20
    €48.39 €39.99
  3. Strap hinge ø20
    €42.34 €34.99
  4. Strap hinge ø16
    €14.51 €11.99
  5. Strap hinge ø16
    €13.30 €10.99
  6. Strap hinge ø16
    €12.09 €9.99
  7. Strap hinge ø16
    €10.88 €8.99
  8. Strap hinge ø16
    €9.67 €7.99
  9. Strap hinge ø16
    €8.46 €6.99
  10. Strap hinge ø16
    €5.92 €4.89
  11. Strap hinge ø16
    €4.71 €3.89
  12. Strap hinge ø13
    €11.24 €9.29
  13. Strap hinge ø13
    €10.88 €8.99
  14. Strap hinge ø13
    €9.43 €7.79
  15. Strap hinge ø13
    €7.61 €6.29
  16. Strap hinge ø13
    €6.40 €5.29
  17. Strap hinge ø13
    €5.19 €4.29
  18. Strap hinge ø10
    €4.22 €3.49
  19. Strap hinge ø10
    €3.62 €2.99
  20. Strap hinge ø10
    €2.89 €2.39

Why choose Strap hinge hot dip galvanized,

Our range of Strap hinge hot dip galvanized is very extensive. All products are of high quality, produced under ISO guidelines. You use a Strap hinge hot dip galvanized in combination with a hook on plate, this is suitable for the suspension of your gate, garden gate or garden fence. We have the Strap hinge hot dip galvanized available in different diameters, which must match the diameter of your hook of plate. In our assortment we also have adjustable Strap hinges. Your garden gate is still suitable after installation, should this be necessary.

Where are our Strap hinge hot dip galvanized, consisting of

Our Strap hinge hot dip galvanized are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized iron. This galvanisation is used to prevent corrosion. We have also Strap hinge in different versions, yellow galvanized, stainless steel and also black cataphoresis in rustica for a rustic look. All these applications are to prevent rust formation. Cataphoresis is an environmentally friendly paint process, the plate is immersed in a liquid bath with cataphora lacquer. This is an electrostatic process.

To buy Strap hinge hot dip galvanized,

If you want to buy beautiful Strap hinge hot dip galvanized, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail