Artificial hedge

High-quality artificial hedge or artificial hedge in hedera or yew version, non-flammable according to NBN S21-203 class A0 (B) and NEN 3883 class (NEN 3891) (NL), UV-resistant tested up to 13,000 hours of sunshine and plasticized weaving wire. Easy and quick to attach to existing fencing, fences or balcony. The yew artificial hedges are 98% visible. Quick and easy to install against wire fence panels, fence panels, double rod mats or concrete mesh or as a balcony partition. Easy to maintain.

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14 Results

14 Results

Why choose artificial hedge

When you choose an artificial hedge, you choose a good alternative to climbing plants. We often see in the garden that climbing plants take a long time to grow and that privacy is desirable. By installing an artificial hedge you can create a green garden in no time. Moreover, when installing an artificial hedge, you do not have to worry about maintenance and it is very easy to assemble. You will no longer have to worry about fertilizing, watering and/or insects. You can also use our artificial hedges as decoration material for a showroom, as wall decoration or trade fair decoration. An artificial hedge is suitable for many purposes. You can easily conceal an ugly wall or old fence with an artificial hedge on a roll. You simply attach it with staples, or you staple it to the wood with a tacker. An artificial hedge also works well against mesh fencing. It looks beautiful and you immediately create a green environment. We often see places in the garden where climbing plants do not want to grow well, with an artificial hedge on a roll you can easily solve that problem. Installing an artificial hedge on a roll has many advantages compared to climbing plants. Never prune or water again. No more bare spots in your hedge because it does not want to grow due to too little sunlight. If you place an artificial hedge against an existing fence, your neighbors will also be less able to see through. Our artificial hedge is non-flammable, UV-resistant up to a specified number of hours of sunshine and weather-resistant. The plastic hedge is easy and quick to install and is also easy to maintain.

Where are our artificial hedge of

Artificial hedge is available in different variants and is supplied as an artificial hedge on a roll. Available dimensions in terms of height are available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m height. The 1m artificial hedges are often used as balcony screens. The artificial hedera hedge consists of strands of hedera leaves that are bound on a plastic mesh. To achieve a natural effect, you can bend the hedera sprigs into the desired shape. The artificial yew hedge consists of all fine branches of yew and this is also bound. The artificial yew hedge is also available in 2 different colors: green and anthracite. You can cut the artificial hedge to any desired height. We also have the artificial bamboo hedge in our range, which is tied with bamboo sticks and leafy green. Our artificial hedge is supplied on a roll and is very easy to assemble using: binding wire, with staples or with staples/tackers. You staple or tack the artificial hedge against your existing fence.

Placing an artificial hedge against concrete mesh

A frequently used way to install an artificial hedge quickly and effectively is against wire fence panels or concrete reinforcement mesh. To install the concrete mesh, you will need hardwood timber posts, mesh panel brackets and possibly a hand auger. Use the earth auger to make a hole in the ground every 150 cm, into which you place the hardwood posts. You need 4 mesh panel clamps per hardwood post, with which you attach the concrete mesh to the hardwood posts. Our mesh panel clamps or concrete mat brackets are packed per 4 pieces in a bag including the screws. The concrete mesh is easy to cut to size if it does not fit completely. How do you attach an artificial hedge? After the concrete mesh has been placed, you can roll out the artificial hedge and attach it to the concrete mesh with tie-wraps.

Installing an artificial hedge against metal fences

Installing an artificial hedge against metal fences is quick and easy to do. You must roll out the artificial hedge against the fencing and then secure it with tie-wraps.

Placing an artificial hedge against concrete fences or ugly walls

Before you attach a garden mat or artificial hedge to a wall or concrete fence, you must first place some wooden battens against the wall. This is fastest using a mounting kit. You can then simply roll out the artificial hedge against the wall or concrete fence and attach it with staples.

To buy artificial hedge

If you want to buy beautiful artificial hedge, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +31 546 579030.

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