Wire fence panels

Galvanized mesh panels are often used as garden fencing or metal fence as climbing plant racks to allow climbing plants to grow against them or to cover them with natural environmentally friendly garden fencing or garden mats such as heather fencing, willow fencing, bark fencing, reed mats or bamboo fencing.
To install the mesh panels, you will need wooden fence posts, mesh panel bracketsand fence post spikes.
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7 Results

7 Results

Why choose concrete wire mesh panels

When you choose wire mesh panels, you choose a solid, affordable and easy to install garden fencing. Wire mesh panels are very easy to attach to posts and can be covered with our environmentally friendly garden fencing, such as willow fencing, bamboo fencing, heather fencing or bark fencing for extra privacy. Wire mesh panels are also very ideal for our artificial hedge or you can place it in a wooden frame as trellis between dense garden fences or screens. You can simply use our brackets for concrete for attaching to the posts. To attach to the posts you can easily use our mesh panel clamps. Mesh panels are also often used to create a rabbit hutch, aviary or chicken coop. It is equally important that you pay attention to the mesh size of the mesh panel.

Where are our wire mesh panels consisting of

Mesh panels are ready-made cutting-less wire mats made of iron and, unlike concrete mesh, are only 180x180cm or 180x90cm. Mesh panels also often have a mesh size of 10x10cm and are very easy to cut to any desired size. In our range you will also find a mesh panel with a smaller mesh size, namely 5x5cm. Our wire mats or mesh panels are available in galvanized, stainless steel or powder-coated versions.

To place wire mesh panels

How do you attach a wire fence panel or mesh panel? Per mesh panel you need 6 brackets for concrete, which attachth wire mesh panel to the wooden post. Our wire brackets for concrete are packed per 4 pieces in a bag including screws. You can insert the wooden posts into the sleeve of fence post spikes, you've driven previously in the ground. If it does not entirely fit, the wire mesh is easily to cut to size. You determine the number of mesh panels by dividing the number of linear meters by the width of the mesh panel or wire mat and the width of the wooden garden pole, usually this is 1.90 m, so if you need a length of 19 linear meters as a garden fence, then you need you need about 10 mesh panels and 11 wooden garden posts of 7x7cm. You can now let the mesh panels grow with all kinds of climbing plants to create a beautiful green environment. Think of hedera, clematis, honeysuckle or passion flower. All these climbing plants are very suitable for placing against a mesh panel.

Vertical gardening with fence panels

Fence panels are a sturdy solid fencing for your garden that will last for years. The disadvantage of wood fences is that climbing plants grow hard against it, because they do not hold. Fences panels can be easily vertically "greened" by putting mesh panels to them.

Mobile ready-hedge

Finally wire mesh panels with two wooden posts are often used as a trellis in our wooden planters . On this way you can, combined with all kinds of climbing plants, create your own original ready-hedge.

Similarly, you can use the mesh panel as a climbing frame for climbing vegetables in our raised garden bed table.

Natural environmentally friendly garden fencing

Concrete mesh or mesh panels can be overgrown with all kinds of climbing plants so that you create a natural garden fence and thus a pleasant living environment for birds and bees. It often takes a while before the concrete mats or wire mats are covered with vegetation and that is why we often choose to cover them with our environmentally friendly garden screening such as willow fencing, bark fencing, heather fencing, bamboo fencing, coconut fencing. These ecological garden fencing are completely natural and made from residual wood or prunings and are 100% environmentally friendly for people and animals. These natural fencing are supplied on a roll and can be quickly and easily placed against the concrete mesh or mesh panels by rolling them out and attaching them with tie-ribs. The average lifespan of these garden fencing is more than 15 years. You contribute to a better environment and reduction of CO2 because no trees are cut down and you ultimately have a green garden fencing.

To buy concrete wire mesh panels

If you want to buy beautiful wire mesh panels, please choose Intergard. At our company you get a high quality product at the lowest price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +31 546 579030.

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