Timber fence panels Douglas

These Douglas wooden fences are all made from beautiful high-quality and durable European Douglas wood, stainless steel screwed and also very beautiful assembled with our concrete posts. Douglas has a long lifespan,

If you order your new Douglas fences at Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest range.

Are you a reseller and buy timber fence panels Douglas per pallet or truck, please send your inquiry to [email protected] and you will receive an offer with our best import prices. Intergard has been an importer and wholesale of post support brackets, L-brackets and post-caps for DIY stores and garden centers in Europe since 1997.


6 Results

6 Results

Why choose Douglas fences

When you opt for a Douglas fence, you opt for a very durable and solid garden partition that will give you years of pleasure. The Douglas garden screens have a high durability class.

What are our Douglas fences

Our Douglas fences consist of finely-sawn Douglas planks. The number of planks determines the visibility density of the garden screen. These fences are screwed in stainless steel. Douglas fences have a very long life and are very strong. The shelves are 17x180mm.

Placing the fences

You will need 1 set of L-brackets per fence, with which you can use the fence attached to the wooden pole. Our L-hardware is available separately, but also per set. These are packed per 4 pieces on card including the screws. The wooden posts places you in the shell of the puntpaalhouder , which you have spoofed or beaten in the ground . If you opt for longer wooden poles, then you do not need a point post holder. The fences are also easy to cut to size if it does not fit completely.

Concrete piles and concrete slabs

The wooden fences can also be combined with concrete piles and concrete slabs. Our concrete posts and plates which are available in gray and anthracite. All concrete posts and concrete plates are made of reinforced concrete in which steel has been processed. You can place the concrete piles loose in the ground, but for extra strength you can also pour the concrete piles into quick concrete. You pour this concrete around the concrete pile and quickly become hard. The concrete piles are further pre-drilled so that the wooden garden screens of the wooden concrete fence can be quickly and easily attached to the concrete pile with the supplied mounting material. Finally, the concrete piles are provided with a recess so that the concrete slab can be placed quickly and easily in the concrete pile, without additional operations. If you have angles, you should mount the following corner bracket on the concrete post for the concrete slab

Cover slats

Cover slats for fences are available as an option and give the fence a nice finish. In addition, the cover lath ensures that the wooden garden screens are protected against moisture and weather, which prolongs the life of the garden screen even further, as water does not pull into the garden screen.

Placing of wood concrete fences

Placement costs are € 25 per linear meter.

If you are not completely satisfied, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know the number of linear meters that you need. You will receive a completely free quote the same day.

Buy Douglas fences

If you want to buy a decent and beautiful douglas fence, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. Of course you can place the douglas fence yourself, but if you want us to arrange this for you, this costs € 15, - per meter.

If you are not completely satisfied, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone 0031 546 579030 and we are happy to help you.

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