Shade netting 2x10mtrs brown

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Shade Netting increase the visibility density of your garden partition or give shade on pergolas

+ Available in different colors including brown, dark green, green, and bamboo
+ Dimensions 2 meters high
+ Lengths 10 meters, 25 meters or 50 meters
+ Will often be behind or between willow screens , heather screens , tree bark screens and bamboo screens
+ Also often against wire fencing wire fence
+ Made of durable polyethylene
+ Wind permeable
+ UV-resistant
+ Is confirmed with tie rips
+ Approximately 70% visibility-proof.
Shade netting, ultra-resistant brown, UV-resistant often used in combination with natural fences such as willow fencing, heather fencing treebark fencing reed mats, bamboo fencing etc
More Information
Height 200cm
Length 10m
Delivery time 3-10 Days
Dimension 2x10m
EAN 8718481760598
Color Brown
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Shade netting 2x10mtrs brown
SKU 25220010
Shade netting 2x10mtrs brown