Raised garden bed table 100x50cm

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Benefits Raised Garden Bed or potting table:

✔ Ideal for the small garden or balcony
✔ No pesticides or other toxins
✔ Fresh vegetables, fruit and garden from your own edible garden
✔ Little effort, easy to maintain, yet optimal results
✔ 4x as much yield as a regular vegetable garden
✔ Very low maintenance costs
✔ Also ideal for people in a wheelchair
✔ Optional casters available for easy moving

Further information about the growing table or potting table:

+ Size 50x100x80cm
+ Useful 8 separate compartments
+ The wood is preserved against premature wood rot and therefore has a longer lifespan
+ The wood is FSC certified from responsible forest management
+ Including foil
+ Also available as raised garden bed
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Raised garden bed table 100x50cm
SKU 89950100
Raised garden bed table 100x50cm