Tongue and groove diagonal

Tongue and groove diagnonal rabatpartments pot-lid planks is a durable and beautiful variety of softwood on pine and spruce which is untreated, unsustainable or can be used without impregnation as garden wood for garden houses, fences, roofs, barns etc. All tongue and groove diagonal is FSC and PEFC certified and comes from responsible forest management.

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Why choose tongue and groove diagonal?

Tongue and groove does not need to be treated. Over time, the tongue and groove diagonal will turn gray due to weather influences, which gives a very natural look. The tongue and groove are often seen as upholstery of a house. If you prefer the natural color, it is of course possible to stain or treat the tongue and groove with oil. Also garden houses, fences, roofs and barns get a nice look by using tongue and groove. These are available in different lengths, widths and heights.

Our tongue and groove diagonal

Tongue and groove is one of the most beautiful and durable European softwood species and, unlike pine and fir, can also be used unsustained or unimpregnated outdoors. All Swedish rabat wood is FSC and PEFC certified and comes from responsible forest management.

Buy tongue and groove diagonal

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