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In this category you will find our attractive wood-burning stoves. A wood-stove naturally provides warmth, but also creates atmosphere and experience. Available in different sizes and designs. Take a quick look!

If you order your new wood stove at Intergard, you will benefit from the best prices and the widest range .

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5 Results

5 Results

Why choose a wood stove

When you choose one of our wood stoves, you choose a product of high quality. Purchasing a wood-burning stove offers many advantages; atmosphere, cosiness and warmth. But it also saves you considerably in heating costs. CO2 emissions are also reduced when using wood-burning stoves. You will find a beautiful series of design wood stoves in our range, available in different sizes and designs. The wood stoves meet all quality regulations and are certified. Also meet the demanding European Eco-Design 2022 regulations. You can easily clean the fireplace glass with ashes. You do this by mixing a handful of production ash with water. Rub the resulting paste over the glass with a lint-free cloth or kitchen roll. You repeat this process a number of times. Then remove the paste with a damp cloth and rub the glass with a kitchen towel. Of course you can also use glass cleaner. You spray the glass and remove it immediately with kitchen paper. When purchasing firewood, one should pay particular attention to the humidity. It must be less than 20%. Hardwood burns slowly and produces a lot of heat. That is of course ideal to use. You can also use ash and beech wood for lighting the wood stoves. These can be ignited very quickly and dry quickly. The combination of these 2 types of wood works best. It is advisable to check the wood-burning stove once a year.

What does our wood stove consist of

Many models have a double steel housing and a combustion chamber with vermiculite. Vermiculite because it is fire-resistant, insulating, liquid-absorbing and temperature-resistant. In addition, our wood-burning stoves are equipped with a heat-resistant paint up to 800 degrees Celsius and the ceramic glass up to 750 degrees. Several of our wood-burning stove models have space for wood storage. The wood-burning stoves have a cast iron grid.

Advantages of using firewood

Firewood is efficient and cheaper than using gas or electricity. It is very environmentally friendly and the forests are cleaned up by using firewood. Waste that is produced by incineration can be reused for fertiliser, for example.

Buy a wood stove

If you want to buy decent and beautiful wood stove, choose Intergard. With us you get a high-quality product for the lowest price. If you have further questions about the wood stoves please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone 0031 546 579030 and we are happy to help you.

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