Border Edging Corten Steel 240cm

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Features Corten Steel border edging, designed in a simple, atmospheric and aesthetic way garden paths, gardens, terraces, flower beds, lawn, vegetable garden and lawns provide a beautiful finish. Characteristic is the flexibility. Our corten steel borders, edging or edge closures are both pliable and sturdy and can be bent both in a straight line and in corners of up to 90 degrees or sloping shapes. Also available in galvanized version

+ Length: 240cm
+ Height: 10cm
+ Thickness: 1.5mm
+ User-friendly
+ Flexible
+ Flexible
+ Create large surfaces quickly and easily
+ Suitable for straight lines and angles of 90gr
+ Curved edge for extra safety
+ Manufactured from high quality materials
+ Durability comparable to stainless steel


+ Terrace
+ Lawn
+ Flower beds
+ Vegetable gardens
+ Weigh paths and service
+ Driveway
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Border Edging Corten Steel 240cm
SKU 23240158
Border Edging Corten Steel 240cm