Barbecue masonry 195x93cm / 300kgs

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Masonry Barbecue of 195cm high, 93cm wide and 60cm deep. Weight over 300kg. Quick and easy to assemble. Includes grill grate.

+ Height 195cm, width 93cm, depth 60cm
+ Table height: 61 cm
+ Grill height (middle): 81 cm
+ Weight 300kg
+ Including grill grate of 55x35cm, adjustable in heights
+ No treatment with expensive quartz coating required
+ Original color is gray (atmospheric photo)
+ Including construction plan, easy to build
+ Can be combined with all kinds of barbecue accessories
+ Beautiful protective cover that protects your masonry barbecue against weather influences and dirt also available as an option
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Barbecue masonry 195x93cm / 300kgs
SKU 81959360
Barbecue masonry 195x93cm / 300kgs
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