In this cathegory you find our lodges or tiny house made from high quality Scandinavian pinewood. You can use them for livingrooom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or for permanent living. Perfect for holiday home or for camping. Lodge cabins or tiny houses are from FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry. Pinewood from northern Europe is, as a result of slower growth, more sustainable and stronger due to the denser structure of the wood and contains far fewer knots and resin than the usual pinewood from Eastern Europe. This also means that the wood is much less rotten, dirty or damp. For that reason we give on our lodges a 10 year warranty. All lodges are including all mounting hardware, locks and glass. Doors and windows are produced by means butting technology which works moisture repellent. Latches and hinges are made of high quality steel and not plastic like many of our competitors. Finally, all of our log cabins are manufactured according to ISO standards.

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